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AWS CS-Cart Web Design: La Belle Rebelle

AWS CS-Cart Web Design: La Belle Rebelle

The Absolute Web Services eCommerce web design team just finished one of their most aesthetically stunning and technically impressive sites: La Belle Rebelle. Built from the ground up on the CS-Cart shopping framework, this site offers a simple way for women to shop for and purchase high waisted swimwear and vintage swimsuits. The AWS design team created some truly unique functionality that blends in seamlessly with the shopping and design elements of La Belle Rebelle.


CS-Cart Web Design and Custom Functionality: Mix-and-Match Tool

Our CS-Cart web design team spent time creating a unique tool specifically to target La Belle Rebelle’s fashion savvy clientele. Instead of limiting the site to preconceived ideas of online shopping, the Absolute Web Services team created a new tool to help customers find vintage swimwear that fit their style.


The Mix-N-Match App:


High Waisted Swimwear Mix N Match


As is clearly shown, the new tool allows consumers to try out different combinations of tops and bottoms and see what works, and what doesn’t, without leaving home. La Belle Rebelle carries a carefully chosen selection of high waisted swimwear and vintage swimsuits to offer a unique choice for pool-side and beach-front style. With the Mix-N-Match tool, that mission of unique fashion can be carried even further.


The Tech Behind La Belle Rebelle 

La Belle Rebelle needed a robust eCommerce website that made shopping easy and browsing fun. The Absolute Web Services CS-Cart web design team built the site using the CS-Cart shopping framework to provide both flexibility and power to the client. As a mobile friendly website, customers can even shop and buy from the beach. Uploading and managing products is simple, intuitive, and consistent. Every vintage swimsuit or high-waisted swimwear collection is easily accessed through the back-end of the site.


Since La Belle Rebelle is an eCommerce site first and foremost, our team made sure to integrate secure shopping featuring 256-Encryption SSL. Customers can purchase directly from the site without needing to worry about security. And, underneath everything, AWS thoroughly optimized the site to ensure fast loading times and stable performance. La Belle Rebelle is a stunning and technically impressive eCommerce site.

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