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What Does a Business Card and a Business Site Have in Common?

What Does a Business Card and a Business Site Have in Common?

In two words, nearly EVERYTHING.

A business card should communicate who you are, what you do, and how you can do it for someone else. A website should do all the same things, and more. Since both are integral to gaining new business, shouldn’t they both be designed in the same place? At Absolute Web Services, we think that the answer to the question is a resounding yes.

So what do you get when web design and business card design meet? You get consistent branding and an image your clients, customers, and followers will remember.

Business Card Design and Winning Business

Business Card Design

When you see the Coca-Cola logo, you know what it stands for, even more you know exactly how it tastes. Imagine if the same could be said for your business. Creating a lasting logo that can communicate your message across platforms can turn a small business into a renowned one. Although it might seem small, handing out a business card that directs someone to a website that reminds them of the business card can be a big boost to business authority, trust, and, ultimately, profit.

At Absolute Web Services, our web design crew works hand in hand with our logo design to use the same graphic design to create a consistent design package. From brochures to cards to websites and even watermarked images, we streamline design and create a branded image. Business recognition and brand authority can go a long way to creating a business that is successful.


Sharing Your BrandConsistent Branding

Once you have everything designed, you have to share the branding with the world. Business cards and business sites are made to be seen, so make sure to increase exposure a bit. After handing out business cards at every networking event, think about doing a bit of internet marketing to fill in the gaps. You can only be in one country at a time, your website can be in all of them.

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