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What Does a Business Card and a Business Site Have in Common?

In two words, nearly EVERYTHING. A business card should communicate who you are, what you do, and how you can do it for someone else….
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A Beginner’s Guide to YouTube: Small Business Edition

For many small businesses, YouTube is the great unknown, or the wild west of internet marketing. Everyone is concerned with web giant Google, but few…
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Beyond Web Design: Designing for Print Media

The internet has made it much, much simpler to spread the word about your business. For some purposes,  print media is still absolutely vital to business…
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From Sketch to Branded Logo: How Our Design Studio Works

At Absolute Web Services, we take graphic design seriously. Although web design is our bread and butter, we spend nearly as much time and resources…
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WordPress Design Meets Fraternity/Sorority Apparel Showcase: Wayback Apparel

A great WordPress website design often means creating a showcase of merchandise that reflects the design of the products themselves. The Absolute Web Services Miami…
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Brand Like the Big Boys. Be Consistent.

What do the Target, Office Depot, and Kraft Foods websites have in common? They are successful in conveying a consistent branding image through all forms…
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Differences Between SSL Certificates

  An SSL certificate is absolutely vital to any online business or highly trafficked website. Building trust in an online entity is essential for bringing…
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Top Three Sites for Small Business Video Hosting

Every small business needs to learn to think on a new level to market their company properly. One of extremely important elements for a killer…
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Tips for Hiring New Employees in a Small Business Setting

When hiring new employees for a small business, picking the right candidate is incredibly important. Just looking at it from a financial standpoint, hiring a…
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Should You Use Facebook’s Promoted Posts?

Facebook offers a service for business owners called a Promoted Post, which basically means you pay to promote a specific post which will appear in…
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