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Elements of a Great Business Logo

Your logo is an important representation of your business and should be designed well and demonstrate what you do. Because a logo can communicate so…
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Tips for Adding Call-to-Action Buttons on Your Website

The call-to-action button is a very important tool that can improve the design of your website for users. Using call-to-action buttons makes it easy for…
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Pros and Cons of Online Marketing

New and old businesses are turning to Internet marketing to improve sales, brand awareness and online presence. Still, as with anything, online marketing has some…
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Google+ or Facebook?

It has been several months since Google launched its first attempt to take on Facebook in the social media arena with Google +. Although there…
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How to find a Good Web Hosting Company

When ever you are looking for a product or service over the internet there is so many options to choose from. You don’t know whether…
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How to find the Best eCommerce Shopping Cart Software

It can be difficult to find a good shopping cart for your website. Aren’t they all the same? Don’t they all do the same thing?…
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What is a Minisite and How Can it Benefit Your Small Business?

You have all heard of a web site but what is a minisite? Actually it is pretty much just as the name says a mini…
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Another new iPhone set for September

Apple is set to start making its new version of the iPhone in August and release it in September, Apple is also expected to follow…
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5 Unconventional and Overlooked Ways To Promote Your Website

When it comes to promoting your blog, the first instinct is to look at different ways to promote it on the internet. But there are…
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3 Simple WordPress Plugins For Moderating Blog Comments

Many of you who have blogs and have to deal with hundreds or even thousands of comments each year and the majority of these comments…
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