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Google Search Formula Changes to Address Piracy

Google announced this week a change to its search formula that will now penalize websites it suspects host pirated games, music, video or any copyrighted…
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Another new iPhone set for September

Apple is set to start making its new version of the iPhone in August and release it in September, Apple is also expected to follow…
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Are You Prepared for The Mobile Web?

If you are thinking that you don’t need to change your website to compensate for mobile devices then your customers may be losing out and…
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The Power of Twitter

The world is a buzz right now withthe report of the death of Osama Bin Laden, the head of the notorious Al-Qaeda. It has been…
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iPhone 4 Saftey

When you got your new iPhone (if you got one…) were you in a rush to try it out, did you read through all the…
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Microsoft is Also Collecting Records on Users.

Did you know that Windows phone 7 like its counterparts Apple and Google collect records of the locations of its customers? So if you use…
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Content, Content, Content

Lately websites have had to re-think and redo their content so that it doesn’t clash with Google and their new algorithms and still rank highly….
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AT & T Buys T-Mobile

There will be one less nationwide wireless carrier in the marketplace as At&T buys T-Mobilefrom German company Deutsche Telekom for $39 billion. This will now…
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Japanese Tsunami Disaster

Miami Web Design is keeping the people of Japan in their thoughts through this tragic time of disaster. We hope loved ones are reunited with…
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