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Running Your Own Social Media and Building a Loyal Following

  One of the most powerful social media tools for small business is, well, you. People choose to spend their money and time with your…
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What Small Business Owners Need to Know About Web Hosting

You are a small business owner. Between the paperwork, books, and management, you hardly have time to eat, let alone read hundreds of articles and…
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How to Build and Design a Website in 24 Hours

You want a fully featured website designed eventually, but need a starting point to show potential clients and customers now. Using just a few tricks…
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Differences Between SSL Certificates

  An SSL certificate is absolutely vital to any online business or highly trafficked website. Building trust in an online entity is essential for bringing…
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Local Search Is Important, Here’s Why

    Search is changing. The large universe of the web is becoming a small, locally focused one. Google, Yahoo, and now Bing are all…
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Tools for Staying Focused While Working Online

Working online can be a distracting task that lowers productivity with constant updates, notices, and temptations. Email updates, social networking sites, and the temptation to…
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Be Local: Targeting Local Market

Most businesses are now fluent in all things web, but connection to the internet has come at a cost. For many, the local market is…
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The Services at Thumbtack – AWS gives an A+ Rating

Every so often, there is a great website that we come across that we would like to share. As an Aventura Website design company, we…
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Top Three Sites for Small Business Video Hosting

Every small business needs to learn to think on a new level to market their company properly. One of extremely important elements for a killer…
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Internet Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Let’s take a closer look at online marketing vs traditional marketing. What’s the big deal? The way we primarily used to see advertisements was through…
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