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Ensuring Your Website Fits on Each and Every Screen

The “Multi-Screen” consumer is not a unicorn. The “Multi-Screen” consumer is nearly every consumer. Just think about this, how many types of screens are in…
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What Do Users Really Want from a Mobile Website?

When people are looking for your business, it’s likely that they are on the go or sitting at home with a phone in their hand….
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How to Build and Design a Website in 24 Hours

You want a fully featured website designed eventually, but need a starting point to show potential clients and customers now. Using just a few tricks…
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Differences Between SSL Certificates

  An SSL certificate is absolutely vital to any online business or highly trafficked website. Building trust in an online entity is essential for bringing…
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Apple Keynote: OS X, Macbook, iWork, iPad Air and More

The Apple Keynote just a few minutes ago will shake up the tech world. A COMPLETELY free operating system that is released and available today….
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Apple’s Special Event: iPhone 5C, Touch ID, and the M7 Chip

Just one hour ago, Apple had a “special event” to launch their new iPhones. Yes, iPhones with an “s”. There will be two new iPhone…
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Sick of Shoddy Connections? Build Your Own Internet

Does your internet connection lack a certain, well, connection? For most who live in rural areas, the answer is yes. Most think of the US…
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Free Photo Resources for Web Design in Miami

Getting the right stock photo is a battle blogs and websites fight almost every day. The best photos for use in web design in Miami…
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Learn to Code: Web Programming and Beyond

We look at web programming professionals like magician’s with arcane knowledge inaccessible to the rest of us. Believe it or not, but their education was…
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Responsive Designs: One Site, One Look

Responsive designs are here to stay. Independent mobile sites are still used, but responsive options get rid of clunky designs and navigation. Responsive web designs…
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