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Digital Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2020

If you’re looking to increase your industry knowledge and optimize your companies’ digital marketing presence, it is crucial to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and regularly attend conferences.

Conferences provide digital marketing professionals with the opportunity to gain valuable insights from SEO experts, executives, and industry insiders from across the globe. Conferences also give digital marketing professionals the ability to network with experts from various industries and make long-term connections.

Below you’ll find a list of helpful digital marketing conferences and events that you should mark on your calendars for 2020.

Here’s a list of some of the e-commerce and digital marketing conferences you should check out in 2020:

Affiliate Summit West 2020

January 27-January 29, 2020 | Las Vegas, NV

Tickets start at $280

Affiliate Summit West 2020Over 6,000 digital marketers are expected to gather in Las Vegas for the marketing industry’s premier global event. The conference will feature media owners, advertisers, global brands, tech firms, agencies, and various other solution providers and marketing influencers from over 80 countries. “If you want to scale your marketing, you can’t just rely on your own efforts. You need affiliates and Affiliate Summit is a great place to meet them,” says Neil Patel, co-founder, and CEO of Neil Patel Digital.

AD Exchanger’s Industry Preview

January 28-29 | New York, New York

Starting at $2,995

Spend two amazing days learning about what to expect in marketing technology in 2020. Hear from industry leaders in advertising and marketing technology and connect with top brands, agencies, publishers, media companies, technology providers and more. With over 31 inspiring sessions and 50 visionary speakers, you won’t want to miss out on this impactful preview.

Influencer Marketing Conference & Expo

February 25-26, 2020 | Los Angeles, CA

Tickets start at $399.9

The Influencer Marketing Conference & Expo provides networking and educational events geared specifically toward influencer marketing. This conference is heavily attended by senior-level marketing executives, influencer marketing influences, influencer marketing platforms, and more. Topics discussed in the previous conference included influencer fraud, the state of the influencer economy, B2B influencer marketing, and the future of influencer marketing. Stay influenced and inspired and register now.

Adobe Summit 2020

March 29-April 2, 2020 | Las Vegas, NV

Tickets starting at $1,695

Meet top B2B marketers and gain valuable insight from industry leaders in more than 400 informative sessions and workshops. The conference will cover a variety of topics such as analytics, the customer journey, content and asset management, digital trends and innovation, B2B marketing, and account-based experiences. Some of the past speakers have been actress and producer Mindy Kaling, CEO Satya Nadella of Microsoft, and CEO Hubert Joly of Best Buy.

Midwest Digital Marketing Conference

April 8-10, 2020 | St. Louis, MO.

Tickets go on sale November 4, 2019

The Midwest Digital Marketing Conference is known as the largest digital marketing conference in the Midwest. Rated by Forbes as the “Top Marketing Conference to check out in 2019,” the event will feature over 100 speakers including Google, Linkedin, GoDaddy, Adobe, and more.

DigitalSummit Los Angeles

April 2020 | Los Angeles, CA

Tickets start at $245+

DigitalSummit is the definitive digital marketing gathering for 2020. Over two days, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from leading experts and brands such as Marvel, Amazon, Nike, Google, Southwest, and many more. The content will include over 45 unique and “trend-forward” digital marketing workshops as well as panels that will help you stay on top of the latest industry trends. Past attendees have included national brands, agencies, service providers, B2B providers, nonprofits, startups, and many more. Over 20,000+ digital marketing professionals will be attending this conference, so don’t miss out.

Programmatic I/O

May 11-12, 2020 | San Francisco, CA

Tickets start at $1,995.

Programatic IO

Stay educated on the future of digital marketing with this innovative 2-day conference in San Francisco, CA. Programmatic I/O is a digital marketing conference that aims to educate marketers, publishers, and technologists on the latest and greatest data-driven marketing strategies. Expect to hear from over 65 experts and industry leaders as well as gain invaluable networking and marketing insight from programmatic leaders. Last year’s attendees included AARP, American Express, Disney, Ford, among numerous others.


July 6-8, 2020 | Seattle, WA

Tickets starting at $349+


MozCon features a community of industry-leading experts in SEO, conversion optimization, local search, and more. You’ll network and meet content marketers, agencies, and various marketing executives who specialize in SEO and can help your company scale up and incorporate techniques that provide results. This conference is great for anyone who’s an SEO, marketer, or executive who would like to connect with other experts.

Digital Growth Unleashed

June 1-3, 2020 | Las Vegas, NV

Tickets starting at $275

Unleash the power of your online business. This conference will teach you how to increase conversion rates, and align successful business models in tandem with the user experience, all while introducing you to the latest trends and developments in marketing technology. More than just a digital marketing conference, Digital Growth Unleashed focuses on how to create the most compelling customer experience by meeting your client’s needs to unlock the full potential of your online business.


May 18-19, 2020 | Columbus, Ohio

Tickets starting at $200


Elevate your marketing game and stay up to date on the latest marketing technology at Interact20. This conference will help you sharpen your digital marketing skills with a series of workshops led by digital marketing professionals. 2020 speakers include Wall Street Journal best-selling author Ann Handley, TriggerPoint founder Will Leach, and VP of data-driven marketing Jessica Best.

Inbound 2020

August 18-21, 2020 | Boston, MA 

Tickets starting at $49 and up.

Featuring over 250 speakers, nightly networking parties, and interactive sessions, Inbound 2020 feature inspirational and informative sessions and workshops that provide creative marketers, start-up founders, product manager, and other industry professionals with the tools needed to stay empowered, think outside of the box, and move forward at work.

Gartner Marketing Symposium Xpo

June 1-3, 2020 | San Diego, CA

Tickets starting at $3,500 and up.

Advance your strategic leadership skills and enhance your marketing vision. Learn how to focus on efficient marketing technologies to elevate the customer experience. This symposium will give you the opportunity to join and network with marketing executive peers and various leadership teams. Gain vital market insights and a range of other topics to help empower your marketing team.

Marketing Analytics Summit

June 1-4, 2020 | Las Vegas, NV

Tickets starting at $150 and up.

“Analytics is the heart of marketing,” according to Jim Sterne, creator of the Marketing Analytics Summit. Gain and receive marketing analytics insight from digital analysts, marketing technologists, and growth architects at this transformative marketing event. Get a firm grasp of data and be more data-informed after attending this informative summit.

Content Marketing Conference

April 21-23, 2020 | Boston, MA 

Tickets starting at $649 and up.

Learn how to humanize your brand or spruce up your digital marketing strategies to build trust and foster community building with audiences. CMC 2020 will help you learn how your brand can focus on providing more transparency and authenticity so consumers can have an overall better experience.

Confab: The Content Strategy Conference

May 17–20, 2020 | Minneapolis, Minnesota

Tickets starting at $895.00


Learn how to make impactful and better user-friendly content for organizations. This conference focuses on several aspects of content marketing and strategy including analytics and performance, user experience design, content design, editorial assignments, and much more. Strategize and synergize with industry leaders and content strategists and marketing professionals. You’ll have the opportunity to meet and network with content strategists, UX designers, content marketers, and more.

Content Tech

April 20-22 | San Diego, CA 

Tickets start at $1,099

Learn how your business can create better digital experiences by altering your technology and marketing strategies. The Content Tech Summit provides evolving content, technology, and strategy for enterprise marketers. Find out how to effectively use technology that will help manage, and scale enterprise content and marketing. This conference is often attended by VPs, senior directors, digital marketing professionals, marketing technology professionals, and more.


April 15-17, 2020 | San Jose, CA

Check back for ticket information.

MarTech provides a robust conference curriculum on marketing technology management, also known as the “fabric of the future.” Network with leading marketing technology vendors and peers. The sessions are geared and designed for senior-level marketers and other members of the industry.

Digital Sales & Marketing World 2020

April 5-7, 2020 | Hartford, CT

Tickets starting at $799.

This conference provides great tools for sales, marketing, and leadership teams. Find ways to generate and create content that resonates with core audiences and delivers exceptional results in real-time. You’ll get the opportunity to network and engage in industry-specific summits during this conference. Takeaway key marketing tips with transformative keynotes and workshops through a highly specialized and hands-on training for your industry and organization’s needs.

Engage Conference

March 12 & 13, 2020 | Portland, Oregon 

Tickets start at $329 and up.

Engage and embrace emerging new technologies and trends in a two-day immersive digital marketing conference. This conference is also a great way to learn new digital marketing strategies and network with other industry professionals. The various sessions and learning tracks provide insight into strategies and advancements in digital marketing, advertising, SEO, and more. 


March 13-22, 2020 | Austin, Texas 

Tickets starting at $430 and up.

Gain industry insights at SXSW, a 10-day long multi-conference event that celebrates the interactive, film, and music industries. All global professionals are welcome to participate, network, and gain valuable insight into specific niche industries and panels. The Advertising and Brand Experience sessions focus on reframing traditional marketing approaches through new and unique experiences that build connections with consumers. These are just one of the many different sessions and Tracks that SXSW offers.

PubCon Pro Florida 2020

March 24-26 | Miami, Florida

Starting at $299

Spend Spring Break in Miami, Florida! Learn the latest digital marketing to get your company thinking outside of the box. The multitrack workshops cover topics dedicated to SEO, PPC, social media advertising, and link building.


March 2-3, 2020 | San Francisco, CA

Tickets starting at $799

RampUp is a premier conference for leaders in marketing technology. Past participants have included Lyft, airbnb, Google, Gap and more. Meet and network and start or seal new business deals and stay current on digital marketing trends.

B2B Marketing Exchange

February 24-26, 2020 | Scottsdale, Arizona 

Tickets starting at $895 and up.

Exchange great ideas and gain industry insight in this innovative conferences geared toward B2B sales or marketing practitioners. There are 6 general track sessions that focus and provide key takeaways on content marketing, demand generation, digital strategy, ABM, channel marketing, and sales enablement. For more hands and interactive sessions, consider enrolling in the B2b Labs experience. You’ll get guidance from industry leaders on the latest tech applications and more.

AdExchanger’s Industry Preview

January 28-29 | New York, New York 

Starting at $2,995

Spend two days learning about the exciting future of marketing technology. Hear from industry leaders in advertising and marketing, and connect with top brands, agencies, publishers, media companies, technology providers and more. With over 31 inspiring sessions and 50 visionary speakers, you won’t want to miss out on this impactful exchange with industry leaders and peers.


Searchlove Conference

March 26 & 27, 2020 | San Diego, CA

Tickets starting at $999.00


Change the way you approach and execute your digital marketing strategies. Gain essential industry insights from informative digital marketing presentations that focus on analytics, optimization, content and paid promotions, and much more.


Traffic and Conversion Summit 2020

March 31-April 2, 2020 | San Diego, CA

Tickets starting at $1,295


Digital marketing is always evolving, which is why it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest digital marketing strategies and trends. Learn what’s working and what’s not working in digital marketing at this innovative summit. This conference is geared toward marketing professionals, agency owners, consultants, entrepreneurs, content marketers, digital advertisers, and more. Take your business to the next level and network with over 10,000 attendees from various industries. Speakers will include Ezra Firestone, co-founder and CEO of BOOM! By Cindy Joseph, Mari Smith, CEO of Mari Smith International, Inc, and more.

Stay Informed and Up-To-Date

The world of digital marketing is always evolving. This is why it is more important than ever to attend digital marketing conferences and stay up to date on what is changing and developing in the industry. Stay informed and be sure to check back as we continue to update this 2020 conference list.

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