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An eCommerce Site Built to Impress: eChef Store

An eCommerce Site Built to Impress: eChef Store

When it comes to online stores with HUGE numbers of products, designing and programming can be a challenge. It’s an even bigger challenge when that store needs to move from one website platform to another. But, at Absolute Web Services, we are always up to the task. eChef Store came to us with a challenge and a half: create a new, feature-rich eCommerce site and move more than 10,000 products

Well, after some design work, graphic creation, programming, custom development, we created a website we can be proud of: http://echefstore.com/.

custom product integrationMoving to the Magento eCommerce Platform

To complete this project and create something well-designed and functional, we knew we would need to use a powerful eCommerce platform. For that we chose Magento. After a bit of programming and web development, we were able to seamlessly move eChef Store’s 10,000+ products onto the new platform. Our team developed a custom importing engine to make it all possible, but it was worth it in the end.
Moving that many products manually would be a monumental undertaking. Our Magento web programmers and developers spent time creating a custom importing engine that really works. Now, the eChef Store can sell all their products on a faster, stabler, and better designed website.

eCommerce Web DesignCustom Features (They Are Worth It)

Since eChef Store had already built a fairly large customer and client base, we set out to provide custom features that make buying and selling easier. We created simple integration with FedEx and Freight shipping service to get shipping rates on the fly. This makes it easier for buyers to see shipping prices and for eChef Store to ship products.

The next customized features we created were “Email Me The Price” and “See price at Checkout”. This gives shoppers extra options to see what their shopping cart will cost them at checkout, or to send it to email in case they need to leave the site and resume shopping at a later date. At Absolute Web Services, we deliver custom solutions to meet our clients’ unique needs.

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