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Our Newest Dynamic HTML5 Website Design: EZ Blowdry

Our Newest Dynamic HTML5 Website Design: EZ Blowdry

Absolute Web Services just completed a stunning, elegant website designed with HTML5 and Javascript. EZ Blowdry is a growing blow-drying franchise that makes it, well, easy to have perfectly and beautifully washed, treated, and blow-dried hair. EZ Blowdry needed a site that could match the convenience and beauty of their services.

The Absolute Web Services Miami web design team used HTML5, Javascript, and more than a decade of experience to create EZ Blowdry’s new dynamic website.

Animated Intro Page

EZ Blowdry is all about convenience, styling, and blowdrying hair. Absolute Web Services created an animated intro page programmed with the latest HTML5 and Javascript. The intro page quickly draws attention to the center of the franchise’s services: convenient blowdrying. With animation that looks great on any screen, the new custom website stands out and draws potential clients in.

Want to see the intro animation page for yourself? Visit www.ezblowdry.com and enjoy the simple yet dynamic animation.

Streamlined Design, Unique Navigation

The Absolute Web Services web design team was challenged with creating as streamlined a site as possible. No confusing navigation, no bulky page structure, just stunning images and easy to access information. The homepage of the site features paneled images that direct visitors to actually communicating with EZ Blowdry. Ultimate goals of well-designed websites are to turn visitors into customers, and that DNA is built directly into www.ezblowdry.com.

Although we did create a minimal design, we also made sure to integrate essential marketing tools like social sharing. The unique social sharing buttons that line the bottom of the panel navigation are neither intrusive nor hard to find. We created the social sharing and blog buttons to maintain the seamless design and focus on functionality that the navigation provides.

Want to see more of Absolute Web Services’ design portfolio? Check out all the great designs at our web design showcase.

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