Safety, Quality, Innovation, and Service are the cornerstones of Marey’s success. Their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is evidenced by their highly efficient water heaters they have produced over the years and their industry leading 5 year warranty.

Dedicated to being environmentally friendly and making the world a cleaner and healthier place to live for families, Marey makes it their priority to produce the highest quality, most eco-friendly, affordable, and innovative tankless products possibly in hopes to reduce the strain of global warming and CO2 emissions on the planet.

Project Summary

  • Custom UX/UI Design
  • Magento 1 to WooCommerce Migration
  • Legacy ERP Integration
  • Email Marketing Connection
  • Payment & Shipping Rules
  • Responsive Layout
  • Multi-language Website
  • 360 Product View
  • Content Production
  • “Find Your Heater” Module


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