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The Absolute Web Services video production unit creates unique, attention grabbing introductory videos, tutorial/explanation videos, and web video marketing plans for every client. Videos produced by our team are distributed on YouTube, Vimeo, client websites, and are promoted through a variety of social media channels.

Web Video Marketing

Attention spans on the internet are constantly decreasing. The best way to capture the attention of your web audience is well-crafted, well-placed video content. Web video marketing from the video production department at Absolute Web Services increases traffic, lead generation, and profitability.

Each video we create uses creative staging, quality audio, and attention-grabbing content that succeeds in the world of online business. Every client has a different focus, and our videos represent web video marketing that exceeds individual client needs.

Testimonial Video Production

The big web is a small world. Testimonial videos from actual clients and customers can change the fortunes of a business. The Absolute Web Services video production team creates dynamic video that actually captures the personalities, voices, and humanity behind a customer review. A couple lines of text on a single webpage is hard to trust, a face and a voice is much, much easier.

The Absolute Web Services video production department has the experience and skills it takes to create testimonial videos that convert.

Event Video Coverage

Live events and keynote speeches are a great way to gain an audience. Event video coverage is often viewed even after the event has taken place, offering increased traffic months later. Live streaming video, news quality coverage, media tours, video news releases and more are all vital tools in marketing. The Absolute Web Services team brings together its knowledge of PR, marketing, and internet exposure to create event video coverage that is truly news worthy.

Profile Videos

Your team is talented. Show it. Profile videos from Absolute Web Services capture the personalities, charisma, and dedication of individual clients, their employees, and those who bring it all together. Internet business doesn’t have to be impersonal. Consider using Absolute Web Services to create profile videos that convey a true representation of how you and your business serve clients.

Training Videos

You don’t have to be a mega corporation to afford and take advantage of training videos. Video training is always available, 24/7, to give employees a head start. Personal instruction is important, but training videos are always there to help. Below are just a few of the savings that a quality set of training videos can provide:

  • Constant training access
  • Simple and to the point (scripts written beforehand)
  • Get the best person for training, every time (bring in authority experts)

Our Video Production Team in Miami

Even videos used in viral marketing campaigns on the web need to be of high quality. We use advanced editing technology and techniques to create impressive, cutting-edge videos for a wide array of clients. Even clients with previously recorded video can benefit from out video editing skill set. Quick cuts, sweeping video, effects, and graphics are all easily integrated into video production services.


Take Your Business To The Next Level!

Let us work to create the perfect design to fit your brand. Through meetings, follow-ups and just simple tinkering, we always get our clients to where they want and need to be, with our 100% custom web design services.


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