Custom CMS Development

Every database driven Website or Web Application needs to be managed, and that’s where the term Content Management System (CMS) comes into play. Essentially, a CMS is simply an administration panel where site owners and managers have the ability to update the content of a given website or an application.

So when it comes to choosing the correct CMS Platform for a website, business owners have several options!

One of the options is to go with some of the most popular Open Source CMS Software options such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.
While these options are a good choice for any situation where little customization to the programming logic and rules is required, occasionally, in cases where a business needs a unique solution or rule that requires a more robust platform with many custom features, we recommend going with a Custom Content Management System. In other words, Absolute Web Services will code and program unique and custom web applications from scratch rather than using an existing open source platform.


One example of a case study is The team at Absolute Web Services created a Custom Content Management System, a solution where Ezvip Venue Partners can view and manage orders, customers, reports and much more from a single point control. The EZVIP platform allows the Managers to have full control of customers and partners from one simple central Administration Panel.
To learn more about our Custom Content Management Programming Services, please call us 305-937-2526 or email us at [email protected].

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